Critic's Choice - EP

by Helen Culver

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released July 17, 2014

Written by Helen Culver and Liam Alexander.

Produced by Liam Alexander.

All vocals performed by Helen Culver.



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Helen Culver London, UK

"The dark synthesised sound of Helen Culver adds something minimalist to the dimensions of play. Her vocals have a sublime essence that ordains within each track in a way that keeps everything in focus. The expansive and fluid tempo is neatly at home. This is cleverly worked and because of that emphasis everything comes together in a defined way that is brilliantly applied."

- U&I Review
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Track Name: Krokodil
(Verse 1)
A solitary creature
Is how you're designed
Always a step away
From being unkind
Cold eyes betray you
As they can't hide
The ice of your soul
That will never subside

Back away from me now
And we'll call it a day
Pull me in the water
And a dragon I'll slay

With teeth that sharp
Don't you dare smile
I can see your scales
You wanna be hostile
You're a krokodil
Nothing but a reptile
You're a krokodil
I've known for a while
You're a krokodil
Nothing but a reptile
You're a krokodil
I've known for a while

(Verse 2)
The devil is better
As a very close friend
What we both have
Will come to an end
Your black heart beats
Increasing it's speed
Now I'm your Lucifer
You know I won't bleed

(Repeat Bridge)

(Repeat Chorus x2)
Track Name: Touch Me
(Verse 1)
I know you wanna touch me
Feel my curves and the way they move
Put your hands all over my body
This body that's yearning for you
You're not the only one staring
But you're the only one daring
To come over and talk to me
See if we got chemistry

I'm gonna get ya
I'm gonna get ya
I'm gonna get ya
I'm coming to get ya baby

It's fine for you to look
But I want you to touch
You drive me crazy
Touch me baby
It's fine for you to look
But I want you to touch
You drive me crazy
Touch me baby

(Verse 2)
It's getting hot in here
Because you're in the atmosphere
My heart's pounding to the beat
I'm getting off to the melody
I can't take it much longer
Not feeling you is my torture
Are you gonna make your move
And take me home with you?

(Repeat Bridge)

(Repeat Chorus)

Ooh I'm craving every last inch of you
I'm loving every little thing that you do
Yeah I'm gonna make my move now
I can't wait to have you

(Repeat Chorus x2)
Track Name: Hands Tied
(Verse 1)
They call me legs
Legs eleven
They're the stairway
Straight to heaven
I see them look
I see them stare
Wondering how
They can get there

You can look but don't touch
Until I say you can
No I don't ask for very much
But you'll be a gentleman
That's when he said to me

I'll be whatever you want
My hands tied behind my back
Tell me how a man like me
Can get you sat on my lap
Long legs and a pretty face
Gonna give me a heart attack
I'll be whatever you want
My hands tied behind my back

(Verse 2)
Count your blessings
One two three
I'm no mirage
Come closer to me
I feel his heat
I feel his sweat
The time is now
Come pay your debt

(Repeat Bridge)

(Repeat Chorus)

I tend to act like a silhouette
Just out of your reach
But you look a strong nice man
Who's got a few moves to teach

(Repeat Chorus x2)
Track Name: Here To Use You
(Verse 1)
They say I can't play man
Or I'm a whore
How do I know what I like
If I don't explore
The heat from your body
Sets mine alight
Flames lick up my side
Along with your bite

Batten down the hatches
Get ready for the tide
We hold on to each other
For one hell of a ride

We'll only be passing
Like ships in the night
Don't want your number
Or no second invite
I'm here to use you
Don't take it personally
I'm here to use you
Cos you're easy honey

The black of your pupil
Dilates for me
You know you got lucky
Being chosen by me
There's a thing I won't do
A rule I hold dear
I won't get attached to you
At dawn I disappear

(Repeat Bridge)

(Repeat Chorus)
Track Name: Ghost
(Verse 1)
The coldness around you
That you just can't shake
Is the leftover romance
That I could no longer take
The freezing temp of the air
Turns your breath to ice
It mimics the hollow promises
You said to me to entice

I hid my truth in your plain sight
I cried myself to sleep at night
There was nothing left I could do
Than to be brave and leave you

I'm now the ghost
That walks beside you
Or that gives you chills
When I pass by
I'll forever haunt
Your past life
As you know it wasn't me
Who didn't try

(Verse 2)
A figment of your mind
You swear you saw me there
The echo of my laughter
The sweet scent of my hair
Creeks on the floorboard
The steps I used to make
There's no-one there when you call
You're hearing your mistake

(Repeat Bridge)

(Repeat Chorus)

I haunted myself by staying
In this tomb we call a bond
The denial of it weakened me
To a point where I had to respond
I buried you a long time ago
I said my prayers and goodbyes
You went from a friend to a foe
As your love fed me with lies

(Repeat Chorus)
Track Name: Enjoying The Ride
(Verse 1)
Your eyes melt me baby
Your kisses make me weak
My heart you've stolen baby
I've become your freak
I'm your nympho baby
Can't keep my clothes on
Every time I'm around you babe
You really turn me on

You're my hero baby
I'd do anything for you
You're my God baby
I just gotta worship you

I'm the one honey
Everything you need
A cook in the kitchen baby
And a whore when I'm on my steed
I'm enjoying the ride
I'm enjoying the ride
I'm enjoying the ride
I'm enjoying the ride

I'm your slave honey
What you say I'll do
Pushing all my buttons baby
Crazy over you
I'm your bitch honey
Have your way with me
Don't hold back baby
Wanna feel you close to me

(Repeat Bridge)

(Repeat Chorus)

I'm your dream baby
Heaven in your eyes
Wrap myself around you
Make something down there rise
I'm getting hot baby
Stringing me along
Can't let go of you baby
You can't do nothing wrong

(Repeat Chorus)